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"TIMELINE" • Chris Lomheim Trio (2014, Lomstradamus Music).

1. Timeline

2. Theme for a Ride

3. Into the Hills

4. For Emily

5. Green Again

6. Remembrance

7. To Feel or Not to Feel

8. Solidarity

9. Lullaby

10. Dedication

All compositions written by Chris Lomheim ©2014

Chris Lomheim (piano), Gordon Johnson (bass),Jay Epstein (drums)

Recorded and engineered by Mathew Zimmerman at Wildsound StudiosMinneapolis Wildsound website:

Original SACD version out of print, re-released on Standard CD from Lomsterdamus Music.

$13.00 + S & H

"The Bridge" • Chris Lomheim Trio (2002 Lomstradamus Productions).

" Sublime. Expect nothing but musical poetry." - Tom Surowicz - Jazz 88

Chris Lomheim's regular trio includes multi-talented bassist Gordy Johnson and sublime drummer Phil Hey. Five jazz favorites and three originals played by Chris Lomheim, Gordy Johnson, and Phil Hey, three leading players in the Minneapolis / St. Paul jazz community.

All tracks are complete takes with no editing.

Re-release is available directly from Lomsterdamus Music .

$13.00 + S & H

"And You've Been Waiting?" • Chris Lomheim Trio (1994)

"Although Chris Lomheim writes in a variety of styles, from the melodic mid-tempo opener "Romancing", to the infectious pulse of "Beau's Blooze", and with complexity as in "The Alter Of Change", his unique compositional gift shines brightest when he crafts a ballad. As a result his quiet intense melodies and lyrical introspective tunes dominate this album. Although his name appears as leader of this session, Chris will quickly tell you this was truly a collaborative effort and would not have been possible without the invaluable contributions Jay Epstein and Gordy Johnson made to this project. The level of interplay, trust, and support demonstrated on this recording could only come from a working group where egos have been suppressed for the good of the music." - Paul Winger IGMOD Records

" Playing in the style (and close to the depth of the great Bill Evans) ...Chris Lomheim gives us an album of evocative, often moving music. There is some dark - as well as beautiful - music here. Romantic, reflective, introspective, solemn, haunting are some of the adjectives that could apply. The trio's playing is wonderfully integrated and flowing. " - Bob Protzman, Saint Paul Pioneer Press

"On this all-original outing, he tempers the all-embracing lyricism and discreet voicings with a two-fisted, delectably funky track called Beau's Blooze... Johnson's a most sensitive bassist and drummer Jay Epstein is a real bonus with his pristine, cascading cymbals. At over 67 minutes, this is a generous offering of chamber jazz, immaculately recorded. " -Tom Surowicz, Midwest Jaz

"Chapter Eleven" • The Illicit Sextet

1. Lullaby

2. Chapter Eleven

3 Dorothy Helen

4. 2 CC

5. Little Big Horn
6. Pardon Who?

7. LaCorvina

8. The Alter of Change

9. Tribute

10. Your Bird's Feet

"Reflections" Reid Kennedy Trio

This debut album from Minneapolis drummer Reid Kennedy features a cool collection of eight original compositions with an earthy, ECM vibe.

Chris Lomheim on piano, Graydon Peterson on bass, and Reid Kennedy on drums, this album represents the culmination of a meaningful relationship between three musicians. Composing and navigating this music has allowed these three Twin Cities jazz musicians to develop a deeper understanding of each otherís individual artistic intentions, thus refining their collaborative capability. Through this process they have cultivated a body of original repertoire, a reflection of their collective identity. The emotional content captured on this recording documents that identity through musical expression and interaction.

"This is All I Ask" • Colleen Raye

Great jazz standards, old and new, sung with sultry energy and heart. Expressively interpreted vocally and magnificently accompanied by an impressive jazz trio. The variety, talent and delivery hold your interest from the first track to the last.

"It Had to be You" • Eric Wangensteen

Harry Connick, Jr. meets Chet Baker in this great variety of jazz standards by singer/trumpeter Eric Wangensteen (Bette Midler lead trumpeter) featuring a host of world class players including Chris Lomheim on piano

"Groovin’ Up Slowly"Tresa Sauer (© Cry Out Loud Music, LLC / 2005)

Groovin’ Up slowly…to move without regard for pace, knowing the most authentic outcomes are born of the journey, not a need to be heard…realizing the louder I scream and harder I try, the less that will be heard. No. . .I will groove up slowly. . . and get there, fully me. With her first release, Groovin’ Up Slowly (Cry Out Loud Music 2005), Tresa chose her material from a rich variety of sources. Among the ten tracks is the Beatles’ Come Together, a pair of Bacharach/David compositions, some standards as reconsidered by Sauer, and a rendition of Bob Marley’s Waiting in Vain. Joining her are local, world-class musicians Chris Lomheim, Clay Moore, Michael Pilhofer, Jim Chenoweth, Gordon Johnson, and accordionist Billy Brown. Sauer herself plays piano on two tracks and all but one of the arrangements belong to her. Produced by Tony Axtell. Recorded and engineered by Matthew Zimmerman at Wild Sound Recording in Minneapolis.

CD out of print

"Chapter One" • Illicit sextet

1. No!
(You'll Want The Window Down)
(Steve Kenny)

2. Chapter One
(Kelly Bucheger)

3. Theme For Woody Shaw
(Mean What You Say) 7:26 (
Kelly Bucheger)

4. Fortune Kooky Blues • 5:05
(David Roos)

5. Dear John • 4:38
(David Roos )
6. Izzy & Lambchop
(Chris Lomheim)

7. Raddical
(Steve Kenny)

8. New Entangoments
6:02 (
David Roos)

9. Batmonk 9:42
(Steve Kenny)

Steve Kenny (trumpet) Kelly Bucheger, (tenor saxophone) David Roos (guitar) Chris Lomheim (piano) Tom Pieper (bass) Nathan Norman (drums)

Twin CitiesCity Pages July 21, 1993

Speaking of long-awaited good news from the CD front, there's also a two-day celebration for the debut disc by the Twin Cities premier jazz sextet. Their self-produced Chapter One is so professionally engineered it could pass any expert's blindfold test for major-label credibility. And with four skilled and scholarly composers fighting for room among the nine cuts, the selections are fat-free, but they make for a true musical feast. In general, trumpeter Steve Kenny favors smoldering hard-bop inventiveness, while tenor saxophonist Kelly Bucheger adds more of a gritty soul feel. Pianist Chris Lomheim explodes off the keyboard with exceptional grace, while guitarist Dave Roos offers a whole other spectrum of melodic possibility, not to mention a penchant for contrapuntal experimentation that keeps listeners on their toes. Think of The Illicit Sextet as the Cadillac of local jazz - not too flashy, just a smooth, classy and expansive machine that glides effortlessly through the post-bop traditions. (Jim Meyer)

" Trios" • Gordon Johnson

Features six drummers, seven pianists and myself on string bass.The disc was recorded by Matthew Zimmerman at Wild Sound Studios in Minneapolis over a period of about two years. By recording in one location I was able to maintain a consistent sonic quality throughout the entire project. Only the musical personalities change the mood from one track to the next. Featuring pianists; John R. Burr, Bill Carrothers, Manfredo Fest, Biff Hannon, Chris Lomheim, Bobby Peterson and Benny Weinbeck, with drummers; Dave Anania, Jay Epstein, Peter Erskine, Gordy Knudtson, Dave Mancini and Joe Pulice."

"Up Late" John Paulson

1. Dis N Dat • 2. 4 p.m. Blues • 3. At Loss For Words • 4. Up Late 5. Song For A Yellow Bird • 6. Reference Point • 7. Earth Blues • 8. Sheetrock Blues • 9. Folksong • 10. Rhythm Blues

All selections composed by John Paulson

John Paulson (clarinet, saxophone, flute) Rex Richardson (trumpet and flugelhorn), Chris Lomheim (piano), Gordy Johnson (bass), Rich MacDonald (drums) Dean Sorenson (trombone) Ken Dalluge (percussion), Eric Hueukeshoven (piano), Robert Stanley Gardner (bass), Cliff Jack (guitar) and Kevin Dobbe (drums).

CONTACT: John Paulson, #1473 - Saint Mary's University, Winona MN 55987 (507) 457-1596 • Fax (507)457-1439 • Email John Paulson

"Young Cats" • David Mitchell Group

1. Nica's Dream (5:49) • 2. Romancing (6:10) • 3. La Fiesta (5:49)
4. Remember Rockefeller at Attica (5:03) • 5. Manteca (6:59)
6. Someday My Prince Will Come (6:04) • 7. Ojos De Rojo (5:33)
8. Bud Powell (6:27)

David Mitchell (alto saxophone) , Phil Hey (drums), Tom Lewis (bass),
Chris Lomheim

"Renovation" Kelly Rossum Quintet

1. Cheap Cigars
[3:48] 2. Lead Soldiers [4:00]3. Fly Away [6:31]
4. Bugpowder
[1:15] (Ornette Coleman) 5.Disposable Assets [2:01] (Michael O'Brien)
6. Life on Mars
[5:17] 7. Little Wing [8:13] (Jimi Hendrix)
8. Hennepin Bridge
[1:47] • 9. Taxi Funeral Waltz [2:29] 10. Glass Wheel [6:13]
11. The Two of Us
[10:06] 12. Frances Loop [2:18]

Kelly Rossum (trumpet) Chris Thomson (tenor sax)
Chris Lomheim (acoustic
and Fender Rhodes pianos),
Michael O'Brien (acoustic
and electric bass), J.T. Bates (drums)

"Don't Go To Strangers" Vicky Mountain

RELEASED Dec, 5th 2004. The CD is a blend of fresh takes on enduring tunes; Love For Sale, You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To, and Lullaby Of The Leaves,Groovin' versions of Born To Be Blue and Love You Madly, lush ballads; In Your Own Sweet Way, Don't Go To Strangers and the debut of jazz originals from Chris Lomheim, Marissa Dodge, and Vicky Mountain.